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About Khanjee Holding

Khanjee Holding (US), Inc. (“KHANJEE”) is a unique U.S based private entity that specializes in the investment and development of core infrastructure projects domestically and internationally.  We have a history of success in energy and power generation and have now expanded our business towards a multitude of other infrastructure based projects.

Our strength is in our ambition and our ability to create and maintain meaningful relationships at a global level.  At KHANJEE, our objective is to outfit the world for the twenty first century by using the most technologically advanced and commercially viable solutions available to meet the escalating energy needs of the global economy.

Reliable and cost effective energy is the essential backbone of every economy today.  Without reliable and affordable energy, no economy can prosper or realize its full potential.   The world today is faced with the task of upgrading infrastructure that is an aging, costly, environmentally unfriendly and at times technically outdated.  Additionally, developing nations across the globe are faced with an inadequate supply of energy, where demand outweighs supply and directly inhibits their ability to develop economically and socially.

KHANJEE strives to provide energy solutions to both the developed regions of the world and developing regions as well.  Offering, the most cost effective and environmentally responsible solutions available at present.

The cornerstone of our business has been traditional power generation facilities using proven and tested, state of the art commercial technologies world-wide and Best Available Control Technologies (BACT in the U.S).  Our focus has been in developing coal-fired, combined cycle and hydroelectric power generation facilities.  Recently, Khanjee has begun to partake in the development of renewable and “green” energy solutions.

Khanjee has successfully developed more than 3,000 megawatts of power throughout the globe and we are currently developing an additional 1,200 megawatts at home in the United States.

Khanjee is ranked among a handful of the highly reputed private developers globally.  Very few entities in the world have the ability to “connect the dots” the way we have been for decades now.  We excel in delivering our projects on time and within budget, while simultaneously delivering them at a low cost and of a high quality.  Our team of savvy infrastructure veterans are prepared to take any infrastructure challenge from prospect to production no matter how complex or remote.

Khanjee is headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area and has a presence in New York, Houston, London and Doha.